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Sealions, sun and…suerte?

Posted: February 28, 2009 by Fei An in South America
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This amazing busride ended in Puerto Madryn. Tourists come here to walk through a million of penguins and to spot the killer wales (Willies) surfing on the beach, trying to gather their dinner (little baby sea lions). You only get to see this by joining an awful touristy tour by bus, paying the amount of 5 overnights in a good hostel. But we thought that getting to see real orcas would be worth it! Unfortunately we weren’t one of those lucky tourists who got to see the wales – luckily we hadn’t been counting on having so much luck, as we never have it. Although we heard that the day before people had seen the wales on the beach…

But the penguins were really funny… And Fei fell in love with the huge, fat sea elephants… And we saw some sea lions kissing each other, which was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen… And we spent about 8 out of the 10 hour bus tour inside the bus…

Besides all the interesting fauna the national park has some amazing beaches where many Argentinians spend their holidays.
While we were enjoying some more heat, we started wondering where the source of this heat comes from. Several people told us that the sunrise in Puerto Madryn is really spectacular. So we decided to set our alarms at 5:45 am and today we woke up early to see the sun rinsing out of the blue sea.

Because on the east coast of Argentina it’s supposed to be rising out of the sea, right?
For some reason today it didn’t.
We kept waiting and in the meanwhile we watched the beautiful dark clouds covering the whole sky while it was getting later and lighter. Fei yelled hopefully that she thought she saw some red, but this red she saw didn’t even get close to orange and we could barely discover it. There was no red colored sky at all. And no sun rising from nowhere.

I can’t think any classes during high school where they might have taught me how the sunrise exactly works, but the fact is that the 3 of us missed it. After one hour waiting in the freezing cold the sky was all bright and shiny without the sun having risen out of the sea.

Let’s ignore the fact that, when we turned our heads in the opposite direction, the sky was beautifully purple/red colored (what had happened over there?).

We decided to give up and return to our hostel were a delicious breakfast (wonderful homemade pie and sort of fresh cafe con leche) was waiting for us. At least that was worth waking up for…