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Just another day in Paradise..

Posted: April 28, 2009 by Fei An in South America
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From the one beautiful beach to the other one, and the next and the next… Right now I’m stranded about 5 hours away from Taganga, which I finally managed to leave after 1,5 week. Especially when Molly and I found ourselves a private room, right on the beach, air conditioned for € 4 per night, it was even harder to say goodbye. But I made it! I got of my lazy and terribly burnt ass and got on the bus with my two new Israeli friends and Wilson, the football. Up to Playa Blanca! 5 hours later we stood on Cartagena terminal and about 6 hours later we managed to have a good room deal again. What is it about the Israelis and bargaining? For some reason they always manage to get the possible from what to me seems impossible. Triple room, fan and again € 4, which even for Colombian habits is cheapo! So time for a party! Or not… After almost 2 lazy weeks on the beach it became quite obvious we weren’t prepared for the big city yet. I found out myself that the thing that makes you laziest is being lazy, so result, Friday night we all fell asleep at 22.00 and at Saturday we almost made it to a bar. After desperately trying to wake up Lahav from his afternoon ‘nap’ at 23.00, we all fell asleep again one hour later… Sad but true, the life of a traveler just isn’t always easy. The conclusion of this all was that we would try again the next week and probably needed some more relaxation first on the beach. Playa Blanca it is! So now we’re here. Lahav, Ronnie, Wilson (the ball which I’m not allowed to call a ball) and me on this little paradise still recovering from the shock the city left us…

I’m flying hiiiiiigh!!!

Posted: April 4, 2009 by Fei An in South America
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And then there was only one left… After an incredible journey to the end of all worlds the moment was finally there that I had to leave friends and family behind. Well, actually they left me behind, but point is, I’m alone. And now I’m waiting at Lima airpoirt untill the time, together with my airplane finally starts flying…

So how was Bolivia to travel?  Well, one thing I can tell you is at least that it is nothing like I expected! After having relaxed for a while in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, I finally got the chance to see the real Bolivia. That is, robberies and mockeries in the bus, but also extremely friendly, honest and helpful people. Extreme humidity and heath in the Amazon, to freezing cold and breathtaking views (literaly as we spend weeks on 4000-5000 m height, try to climb a stairs..) in Uyuni. And there we also found the real function of Coca, relief relief!!

But after 3 weeks Bolivian highland I’m ready for something new, and some more oxygen in my lungs.

Giant step to Colombia! From Coca, to Cocaine…