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Invasion of ‘de Haas’

Posted: March 5, 2009 by Fei An in South America
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This blog is dedicated to Bram de Haas, do-gooder of the first order and our absolute hero in sickness and in health…

At Saturday 28-02-2009, 12 o’clock in the morning we invaded the place. Location: Calle Oro y Juntal, Buenos Aires. Poor poor Bram, who was only a friend of a friend, had to host 3 unknown chicken. For 5 days we spread our camping matts, girly underwear and other girlish trash in the little single boy apartment. We were home!

Buenos Aires itself was quite random, nice, beautiful, but yet another big city. The only time we truly had some cultural intentions (read: visit museum voluntarily) the place was closed! Well, in that case, coffee and cake seemed a perfect alternative and just as educative! After all, every coffee’s served differently in every country…

Unfortunately, the coffee didn’t serve us well. After 2 weeks of hardcore nature, getting up at 8, sleeping at 10 (the nordic walking old people spirit) we turned out to be absolute crap at partying and pooped the party at 2. Very embarrasing considering we were Bram’s little sister’s age… But practice makes perfect, and three is right ship, the third night clubbing we made it to 5 o’clock in the morning without falling asleep! One thing that definitely helped us though was the increasing amount of testosterone surrounding us (photos explain everything).

And now there’s only two more fishies left. Rian ditched us for Holland and we found some new stinky dogfriends in our first camping ‘resort’ with dirty baños and non-waterproof tent. Let’s hope the dogs won’t feel any territorial urge and pee our new house…